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Helping Our Clients in All Ways Possible…

Much of our time here at Texas Homeland Title is spent in what we like to call “consultation” with our clients on their real estate title issues. While we love the deals that come into the office that open and close without a hitch, the real estate title business, at least ours here at Texas Homeland, is much more than a conveyor belt of real estate contracts opening and closing, opening and closing. opening and closing. Rather, our business is about helping our clients in all ways possible. (As I’ve written before, our clients are real estate brokers, loan officers, real estate investors and builders who direct business to us. Our customers are their customers.)

This means that we actually spend lots of time working with clients before they ever have a contract on a given piece of property. For example prudent clients will come to us prior to listing an acreage tract and have us do at least some minimal preliminary title work to determine if the person who has represented himself as the seller is at least likely to be the vested owner of the property. That always helps! Or, clients often come in or call to get a head start on an heirship issue that they think is likely to rear its head. Doing these things prior to execution of a contract, or even prior to (or contemporaneously with) taking a listing, can cut down on delays. And we all know that its delays, maybe more than anything else, that kill deals. We have many clients who come into our office on a regular basis to discuss the latest deals they’re working on because they know that talking about deals at the title company often reveals issues that they had not even thought about or considered. Some, I like to think, simply come in to say hi because they just like us.

We really do value our customers and we want to help them in any way we can. Sometimes a client will come in and ask for help on a certain issue, and somebody here, or more than one person even, will stop and drop what they’re doing and jump immediately on that client’s problem. Occasionally, we find ourselves swamped, covered up by a stack of client issues that are not associated with contracts. These are stacks of work for which we typically charge no fee whatsoever. But we tackle problems, we tackle issues, and we tackle the circumstances our clients bring us.

We do this because we care. Of course, we hope that these clients for whom we do no-fee title work will remember this and will bring us their contracts to close. But this does not always happen. We do not discriminate when it comes to helping out. We help clients and non-clients alike. Maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe we should put no-fee work from non-clients under the stack, at the bottom of the pile, and get to it when we can, if we can. But that just wouldn’t seem right. We serve. And we do it with a smile, usually. If a person wants to bring us their no-fee title work, only to continue taking their contracts down the street to close, that’s up to them. We’ll keep on helping.

If you need some help with a title issue, come on by. We’ll even give you a cup of coffee and a cookie!

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